Audio Class at Spiiker Telephone English

We are in need of HOME-BASED ESL TEACHERS (Chinese account). Description:

Position: Home-based English Teachers

Company Name: Spiiker Telephone English

Salary: 10 RMB per 20 minutes Class (10 RMB is around 70 pesos)

Mode of payment: Bank to Bank Salary is given twice a month.

Class type: AUDIO Class ONLY (Skype class) Class hours: 7 p.m.-11 p.m. (once you’re in, you can add more slots) (fixed schedule/regular classes)

Working days: Monday-Friday So, if you’re interested in the position that we’re looking for, APPLY NOW!!! And add me on SKYPE which is knp_emily or you can reach me through my mobile # which is 09174147206.

I am online from Monday-Sunday… I will accommodate you asap.


4 thoughts on “Audio Class at Spiiker Telephone English”

  1. I wanna be a part of this industry… I am a newbie to this job but there’s no problem on me learning new things, and I love teaching 🙂

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