English City hiring ESL Teachers at 190-220php/hour

This is a really really good company as I have been in the ESL industry for a very long time and so far this company is one of the best.

The rate, the boss, the students and everything in there is so admirable.

Please do not expect to get a reply quickly because we are receiving a large number of applications every day. Please be patient! 🙂


Rate: 180 – 220PHP per hour (it will depend on your interview and demo)
Class Time: 6PM to 11PM
Regular Students (NOT booking system)
Taiwanese Students
Salary is once a month thru BPI
Video Classes thru Skype
Company has lesson materials but you can use your own if you prefer

– Good Accent
– Teaching Experience
– Passion in Teaching
– At least 23 years old

– Stable internet connection
– At least 2GB RAM
– Noise Cancelling Headset
– Well-lit Background

Note: This company needs teachers who can work for a long time.
Please do not apply if you can’t commit to the schedules.

We have received various application and most of the applicants or teachers that we hired lacked the commitment to the job. Please do not apply if you can’t work for the company for at least 6 months.

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  1. Hi! Do you require minimum number of working hours per week/month? How about rest days? Looking forward for answers. Thank you!

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