ManFriday is Hiring!

We are looking for dedicated English language teachers to provide online instructions in English as a second language for a wide range of learners (beginners, intermediate, adults).

Job Requirements:

• Good command of the English language

• Proficient in the use of computers

• ESL teaching experience

• Available to teach during these peak hours:
* 7pm-11pm (Mon-Fri) Korea time

• Regular schedule

Technical Requirements:

• Wired DSL Internet Connection – at least 6 Mbps 
• Headset – with noise canceling feature
• HD Webcam
• With a quiet and well-lighted teaching environment/home office.

Our basic rate is 150PHP ~ 165PHP per hour.

– Over 100$ will be to Bank. Below 100$ will be to PayPal.
– Regular class
– Video only. Thr SKYPE
– Mon~Fri 7PM~11PM is essential.

If you are interested in, please send me an email with your Resume and voice record for 1~2mins introduce your self


If you pass, HR will contact you.

Thank you.

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