Teach Using your Phone

Teach with your phone with VipTalk!


  • 1 year English teaching experience
  • Headset
  • On the call, not booking system nor regular class
  • Salary twice a month

YES! You will teach using your phone so you will need a stand and a headset for that 🙂
It is easy to get accepted here in VipTalk if you have experience and if you ace your interview and demo well.

The key is always smile, good lighting, silent environment, and definitely good internet connection. 🙂

Just remember that proper lighting is the

How to Apply:

Please click this: http://viptalk.ishowedu.com/teacher and install VIPTalk in your smartphone, open the app then complete your profile. after completing it, the status will become “Under Review” … wait for it to be approved… If you have doubts or questions you can explore the app & read FAQS!

Rate: 2.45 per min that’s 147 per hour.


The app will tell you the steps & for a verification code, it is sent in your email so check your emails to verify!

Lastly, please don’t forget to encode my invite code in the referral, it is: LYSUM.. please feel free to ask if you have questions. (for the video, make it look professional, make sure there are no background noises, good lighting is important & your accent)

If you have questions, make sure to leave comments below 🙂

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